We don’t collect or store any personal data on our club members online. If you wish to unsubscribe or stop your club membership then access to this site will be restricted.


We politely ask that you register to use the websites members area, this is mainly due to the risk of attacks on the website and to insure safety for all our club members of all ages and ability.

Please click this button if you wish to use the site.

On the form you will be asked for

  • Club Number
  • Username (to use to login)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password (to use to login) (Allow your browser to remember the password when prompted, if not on a public access computer)

Once this is completed you will be immediately able to access the

  • Members Gallery ( Over 3 hundred images, spanning 20 year )
  • Gallery Upload (Simple and easy to use)
  • Shoot Registration Forms (When required)

If the information provided is invalid or can not be checked then the account will be closed.

The Gallery Upload

If you wish to submit images to the Gallery then please go to the Club Members Gallery Upload page.

You can ether click the Browser button shown in the form to navigate to your images or drag and drop selected image direct from a folder or your desktop on to the upload box, highlighted with the dotted lines.

When this is done correctly you will see a small thumbnail image in the box. All of the images for upload will also appear as a thumbnail.

File formats allowed are .jpeg .jpg .tiff

You can add multiple files at a time, just drag and drop to this box.
A minimum file size of 50kb
A maximum file size of 5mb (5000kb)

Once you have Added files you wish to submit you will need to click the upload button that will become visible.

A progress bar next to the thumbnail will tell you when the image upload is successful, accompanied with a green tick .
If your image fails to meet the correct criteria it will be shown with a Red X. You can remove this image by clicking the Red X.

When you are happy with all the images selected please enter the code shown in the box as a security measure and click the SUBMIT IMAGES button.

I will be sent an email with all your images in for approval and upload to the gallery. This may take a day or so but I will get it done as soon as possible.