Work Party

28/12/2019 13:00 - 17:00
White Mark Bowmen
Address: Rose Cottages, Broad Ln, Wooburn Green, High Wycombe HP10 0JW, UK

If you are looking for an addition to your exercise routine helping the work party maybe right up your alley.

Club members rally on a Saturday to do essential essential maintenance. This can be anything from pasting paper faces on backing card, to taping-off the paths, to making sure there is a clear line of arrow flight to the target, or even repairing or replacing target bosses. The only essential attributes required are a sense of humour and the ability to drink tea/coffee and eat donuts.

Plus shoot for free the following day!

If you can spare an hour or even if it’s only once a year the other club members who use the club for fun or competitions appreciate all your your work, a lot goes on to run our little club.

We appreciate that the club members continue with the level of tidiness that we have all come accustomed to over many years. If you spot a precarious falling branch or fallen tree could you put it on the club white board so we can get it cleared.

Work Party