Welcome to White Mark Bowmen Website

White Mark Bowmen was founded in 1977 and for 18 years had a field archery course in the grounds of Shirburn Castle near Watlington. During that time the club hosted various major competitions including the EFAA Spring Tournament and the U.K. Championships. Several club members also won World and European titles as well as many National honours. Sadly a change of landlord saw us leave our well known and well liked range in 1995 and it wasn’t until April 1996 that the club found a new home in Archers Wood at Wooburn Common.

Our present shooting range is set in ten acres of broad leaf woodland with good, adjacent car parking. The range, consisting of a four target practice area and a fourteen target course, is open for use every day to members and their guests. Use of the club facilities and range is subject to the rules shown below. Guests must all be members of a nationally recognised archery association and a visitor’s fee of £3 a day is payable.

Club fees are presently £25 per annum for adults and £12.50 for Juniors (age 13-16) and Cubs (under 13). Family membership is £50 (two adults and their children at one address). Subscriptions run from January 1st to December 31st. White Mark is affiliated to the English Field Archery Association and as such requires all club members also to be members of the EFAA for purposes of insurance. EFAA fees are currently £20 per annum for adults and £10 for juniors and cubs.

The club is a not-for-profit organisation having no employees and none of its officers are paid for carrying out their duties. This enables us to keep the various club fees surprisingly low but, in return, we encourage members to participate in the upkeep of the range.

The club members meet informally at the range once a month on a Saturday. This is usually the second Saturday in the month but check the event calendar. Also, on Wednesday mornings, there is gathering of the ‘Wednesday Crew’, a non-exclusive group of recreational archers.

Organised shoots take place on the fourth and, occasionally, the fifth Sunday of the month (a list of shoots can always be found in the club hut and here). A work party is held the day before the shoot commencing at 2pm. It is hoped that members will attend whenever possible.

General Rules

  1. The White Mark Bowmen shooting range consists of a practice area and a fourteen target course. The range is open to club members for use every day except as noted in the Shooting Rules.
  2. Keep the club hut locked if it is unattended.
  3. If you are the last person to leave, make sure that the club hut and loos are locked and, if the stables are unattended, close and lock the entrance gate.
  4. Never leave a combination lock open. To prevent the theft of the lock or disclosure of its code always close it again through its chain or staple and scramble the numbers.
  5. Please be respectful to our neighbours, those on the golf course and walkers using the public footpath.


  1. On payment of a daily fee for each visitor, you may entertain non-members providing that they are competent archers and hold a valid membership of a nationally recognised archery association, proof of which the visitor must display or produce on request of any club member.
  2. For each of your visitors, in addition to the date, your name, and their name and address, you must enter the details of their association membership, i.e. name of association, membership number, and membership expiry date into the Visitors’ Book and put the fees, as shown in the book, in the ‘desk safe’ in the club hut. It is vital that you complete this information as it is required for insurance purposes.
  3. Each individual may visit up to three times a year. For further access they would be expected to apply for club membership.
  4. You must accompany your visitors at all times whilst on the range.
  5. Rank beginners and archers without a current archery association membership cannot be entertained as visitors. They should attend a have-a-go event or apply for an assessment or a beginners’ course.

Shooting Rules

  1. Carry membership card in plain view when using the range.
  2. You may use the range for casual shooting except when there is:
    a) An organized shoot or competition in progress. The programme of such events is published in the club hut and on the club’s website. The practice area is closed during these events.
    b) A maintenance work party on the range. Work parties normally take place starting at 2pm on the afternoon prior to an organized event.
  3. At all times, all arrows used on site must be marked with the archers’ name and the name of the club i.e. A Member – White Mark Bowmen or WMB.
  4. If you need to retrieve arrows from around or behind a target, first place your bow or some easily visible piece of equipment in front of the butt to alert other archers.
  5. All arrows lost on site must be recorded in the lost arrow log before leaving the site. You should record the date, your name, where the arrow/s were lost and a detailed description of the arrow/s – ie markings, colour and fletchings.
  6. Keep to the designated paths around the course. The perimeter path can be used in either direction but paths leading away from targets are one-way only – DO NOT retrace your steps to the previous target.
  7. Be aware that during Have-a-Go sessions or Beginners’ Courses there will be novice archers on the range. Please show consideration for them.
  8. When you finish shooting, ensure that on all targets you leave the face positioned reasonably centrally but so as to avoid creating or worsening any soft spots.
  9. Do not smoke or leave litter on the range.
  10. Please make a note on the white board in the hut of any damage or hazards you discover on the course.


Updated September 2017