Shooting Information

Here is an aerial view of our course, located in Archers Wood, Wooburn Common. Except during short maintenance work parties, the White Mark course is open for use every day in daylight hours to members and their guests, for whom a very small visitor’s fee is payable. You can view a map of the course layout with details and pictures of the targets and its other features. You can also get a table of the target details for the classification rounds.

Organised shoots

A shoot is organised on the fourth Sunday of each month, during which no casual use if the course is allowed. The next shoot is on Sunday 25th Sep 2016. The shoot may be any of the official ’rounds’ specified under the rules of the EFAA. The date and type of round is published both here and in the EFAA’s magazine, the Field Archer. These shoots are open to all White Mark members, EFAA members and other visiting archers. Shoot fees, starting from two pounds, are payable by all archers.

Course Maintenance Work Parties

At 2pm on the Saturdays prior to the organised shoots, the course is closed for maintenance and preparation for the following day’s activities. The work is carried out by club volunteers under the guidance of the Range Master. All shooting is prohibited during the work parties.