I think this should say “Come to White Mark Bowmen and try the sport of Field Archery for yourself”. The Have-a-go days are run on selected Saturdays throughout the year and are open to anyone over the age of seven. See the shoot calendar for the actual dates. An outline of the programme content is shown below. It starts with a safety briefing which you must attend.

You will learn about the club and its shooting range and be shown how to shoot safely. We have special training bows for beginners of all ages and other, more powerful bows if you would like to progress. The equipment and instruction are provided free but to cover insurance and expenses like broken arrows, there is a small charge of £10 for adults and £5 for children. By law, children must be accompanied by an adult.


You will be out in the woods for most of the time so dress appropriately for the weather. Long sleeves are preferable but avoid loose or really bulky garments. It can be damp or muddy underfoot so wear trainers or walking boots. It is always a bit cooler in the forest, though in summer you will still get sunburn!

Reserving Places

To reserve places or for further information please email the secretary, Dan Weedon: thesecretary@whitemarkbowmen.co.uk


Duration Activity Content
10 minutes Introduction and safety After a welcome to White Mark Bowmen you will find out what Field Archery is all about, and be given essential safety information.
5 minutes Archery equipment Nowadays there is an enormous variety of bows and arrows available but there are other important accessories, like arm guards and finger tabs, that you will be shown as well.
5 minutes Meet your instructor After being organised into smaller groups, you will be introduced to your instructor who will ensure that you have the required accessories.
10 minutes Basic instruction You will be shown how to stand, hold a bow, load an arrow, draw back the string, aim and release the shot. The instructor will remind you of the safety procedures and show you how and when to recover arrows.
1 hour Individual instruction You will receive individual attention to ensure that your technique is correct and safe, and have time to practice and improve.
1 hour Round the course This is your chance to see the full course and shoot a selection of the targets. You will also learn about the procedures and course etiquette.

Something more advanced?

We also run a more intensive, four hour Beginners Course. For further information please email the Lead Instructor: instructors@whitemarkbowmen.co.uk