The club offers a four hour Field Archery Beginners’ Course. The objectives of the course are to train people in the sport of Field Archery to a level where they can demonstrate that they can shoot competently and safely, and that they understand the shooting range safety and protocol rules. This course is ideal for complete beginners, people who have attended one of our Have a go sessions, or perhaps those returning to archery after a long break.

The course is run only for very small groups, often one-to-one, at a cost of £20 per person. If you have your own kit you may bring it, otherwise, all the necessary equipment will be provided free of charge. By law, children must be accompanied by an adult.

You will find out about the club and its shooting range and how Field Archery is organiszed in the UK and beyond. You will be taught how to shoot safely and how to use the range, respecting the needs of others. During the course you will be assessed by the instructor and, if you demonstrate that you have met the course objectives, you will be awarded a pass certificate that allows you to apply to join the club.


You will be out in the woods for most of the time so dress appropriately for the weather. Long sleeves are preferable but avoid loose or really bulky garments. It can be damp or muddy underfoot so wear trainers or walking boots.

Booking Places

The courses are run on Saturday mornings throughout the year by arrangement with the Lead Instructor:


First Session

  • Introduction
  • Safety talk
  • Left handed or right? Eye dominance check
  • Equipment explanation
  • Demonstration by instructor
  • Step-by-step shooting instruction
  • Arrow retrieval
  • Closely supervised practice

Refreshment break

20 minute break for which tea, coffee, and biscuits are provided.

Second Session

  • Shooting assessment and review
  • Aiming techniques
  • Using pin sights
  • Rounds and scoring
  • Assessment Q&A
  • More shooting practice/competition
  • Documentation and information

To arrange a course or for further information please email the Lead Instructor: