Chair: (David) Stuart Robson

Usual Bow Style: Bowhunter Unlimited (BU)

Stuart is the accidental Chair at White Mark Bowmen. Even he is not quite sure of how this happened.

A product of the birthday gift of a White Mark Bowmen Have-A-Go! Day, I was immediately and completely hooked on Field Archery. Having spent quite a while shooting Freestyle Recurve, well, actually quite a while not shooting, but looking for arrows behind the butt, I eventually realised that being a “twiddler” (a polite, technical term applied by every other archer to people who have to spend an age looking up a sight mark, setting it on the mega-expensive sight on their recurve bow, and then complaining that the mark must have been wrong when they miss), I have gone over to “the dark side”, and now shoot Bowhunter Unlimited with a compound bow.

Anyone who shoots this style will know that means that when you actually hit the target (maybe even the spot) you can feel incredibly smug, and if you miss, you don’t feel that bad, because you were having to guess the precise aiming point anyway. I aspire to being a longbow archer, but I have not quite got there yet.

I shoot almost exclusively for fun, which is entirely possible, even when you enter any of the EFAA national events. That is certainly one of the things I like about Field Archery; you can take it seriously, have good days, and days when you feel like you should go in for a World Championship, because that seems to be the only thing you can consistently hit (the World, that is). And somehow, it is still fun. I have yet to make any impact at all at a national competition, but they are huge fun, especially when all the hard work, has been done by another club!

One of the clubs regular Work Party attendees, I have become a bit of a dab-hand at making and mending butts, especially in the company of Brian Collier, the Range Master, and I have even been granted the not inconsiderable privilege of setting a 3D course in the past. Drinking tea and consuming donuts are also specialities. Happily, there are other members of the White Mark Committee that actually know what really needs to be done to safely run an archery club, of which it is fun to be a member, and which tries to cater for all its members, be they ultra-competitive, recreational, or just doing it with the kids, something for which I am very grateful. Somehow I also become an instructor.