White Mark Bowmen will re-open, for existing White Mark Bowmen members only, from 06:00 on Friday 15th May 2020. The committee has considered all the relevant advice and requirements from HM Government and the EFAA.

Re-opening the course is only feasible with the following conditions.

Guests, or visitors from other clubs are currently excluded.

The club hut remains closed and ‘out-of-bounds’.

Due to the need to maintain social distancing, and avoid gatherings, turn up and shoot, can no longer be permitted.

Members must book a target (’T’) time to start on target 1 and then continue once around the course.

Members are requested to limit their visits to 3 times per week.

T-times will be at 15 minute intervals.

All archers should shoot, score and retrieve their own arrows promptly to stay within their 15 minute target slot.

The practice range can only be used for the 15 minutes immediately before your ’T’ time.

T-times can be booked for individuals, 2 archers from different addresses, or family groups (all resident at the same address).

Archers may finish and leave the course at any point via the perimeter path (you do not have to complete all 14 targets).

Shoot parties will only move to the next lane once it is clear.

Shoot parties may ‘leap-frog’ other groups only by agreement, and only if the next target lane is clear. They can not then return to shoot any targets they have by-passed.

Don’t spend more than a couple of minutes looking for lost arrows. Dan Weedon has agreed to be the “virtual lost arrow book”. Mail him with the details, (name, target number, arrow description).  thesecretary@whitemarkbowmen.co.uk

How to book a T-time:

Bookings will be available up to 7 days in advance with a maximum of 3 bookings per week per individual member.

Call Stuart on 07887 558121 between 09:00 and 18:00. 

Tell him:

Your name

Your White Mark Bowmen Membership number

Your desired T-time and date

Solo, or with another member? (Solo is really solo!)

You will either get a booking, or negotiate a different T time in the case that your preferred time is unavailable.

If the line is busy, leave a message with the above information (specify a wide range of preferred T times if you can), and a mobile number. Stuart will text back a confirmation, or call you if the slot is not available.

All messages will be dealt with on a first come; first served basis.


We can only open the range if every member observes these temporary conditions. If the management of social distancing, and the avoidance of gatherings is not followed, then we run the very real risk of being shut-down again. There will be random visits by members of the committee to ensure compliance.

The committee would like to assure members that these are temporary restrictions and that we will return to normal practice as soon as that is permitted.

If you have to open the main gate, or touch any other commonly used areas we cannot possibly be certain are sterile, please use gloves, or use your own sanitiser to protect yourself and our equestrian neighbours.

Re-opening White Mark Bowmen