It is envisaged that the way in which we meet and socialise at our archery clubs will be changed for some considerable time and we all have a responsibility to do everything in our power to follow the latest Government Guidance. This is not just for the safety of ourselves but for the speedy resumption of our sport. Should there be another spike in cases the Government will close everything down yet again. The EFAA Committee will continue to update club secretaries and members via social media.

These additional COVID 19 rules are in addition to the general health and safety rules of the EFAA and should be read in conjunction with them.


Essential maintenance at club grounds is an essential part of our sport and as such as of Wednesday 13th May 2020 with the land owner’s permission, people may travel to their club grounds if they are the club Range Officer and designated deputy to undertake maintenance. This MUST be in line with Social distancing and Health and Safety, people from different households MUST stay 2 meters/6 feet apart and further if possible.

Further information on social distancing can be found here

Practice – as of 13.5.2020 with landowner’s permission

To ensure safety at clubs it is essential that social distancing can always be maintained, that is people not from the same household MUST stay 2 meters/6 feet apart. Each club is only able to allow its own club members to shoot. To prevent the clubs being inundated with archers desperate to shoot the EFAA are asking for each club to nominate a member to co-ordinate the amount of archers who are shooting at any one time and that this is controlled to ensure that clubs do not become overcrowded. Each club will need to decide how many archers can be at the club at any given time and inform their members of how they book themselves in to practice. Whilst the Government are saying that two people from different households can meet and play sport, only two people and they must maintain social distancing. Therefore:

  1. Do not leave home if you feel unwell, stay home and seek information from NHS111 on-line
  2. Only once the landowner’s have agreed that archery can recommence can practice be allowed within our clubs.
  3. Archers should bring with them a supply of hand sanitiser (70% alcohol or more) and if bringing food or drink ensure they thoroughly clean their hands with sanitiser before eating or drinking.
  4. Any food or drink should be left in the vehicle or carried with the archer, only if required during practice, not left out on picnic tables.
  5. Only family households should practice together and preferably by walking around the course rather than standing at the practice range. This enables those less able archers who want to practice remaining at the practice butts.
  6. Please do not touch another archer’s equipment if they are not from your household, if it is essential then use the hand sanitiser before and after touching it and before you touch anything else. COVID19 can remain on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours and more in some cases.
  7. If whilst walking the course if you come across the group or individual in front, then hang back to ensure they are given enough time and space to clear the target.
  8. If while looking for arrows you find one not belonging to you, leave it where it is, note where and post the details via your club’s communications. That way allowing its owner to find it.
  9. We have always been asked to brace the target whilst pulling arrows, this should not be done with the hand but with the arm, hip or knee to ensure that the hands remain clean.
  10. Currently there is no guidance on the use of face masks outdoors as it is believed that they will not protect the wearer but may possibly protect others from the wearer. Should this guidance change we will update members, however if people want to wear face masks please do so responsibly. Do not buy ones destined for the medical/caring profession and please do not wear it whilst actually shooting as it may tangle with your string and cause injury.
  11. Wherever possible do not touch you face, eyes or other mucous membranes, this is a way the virus can enter the body.

Dave Moore

EFAA General Secretary on behalf of the EFAA Committee

Guidance for the EFAA regarding COVID 19 (12.5.2020)