EFAA Shooting Styles

International Expert Field
Hunter Combination Marked 3D
Marked Big Game New Marked Forester Marked 3D Forester
Precision 3D UKIFAC – Field UKIFAC – Hunter

EFAA Bow Style

Freestyle Unlimited FU More Info
Freestyle Limited Compound FSc More Info
Freestyle Recurve FSr More Info
Bowhunter Unlimited BU More Info
Bowhunter Limited BL More Info
Bowhunter Compound BHc More Info
Bowhunter Recurve BHr More Info
Barebow Compound BBc More Info
Barebow Recurve BBr More Info
Hunting Style HS More Info
Longbow LB More Info
American Flat Bow AFB More Info

New Rules on Arrows

All your arrows are now required to have identifying marks consistent across all arrows.
A MINIMUM of your name must be on each arrow. Your club name is optional.