For members who joined before 1st October 2017.

Your membership renewal date is 1st January 2018

EFAA membership can be renewed online or you can download the membership form from the WMB website or the EFAA website if you do not wish to use online payments. I also have EFAA forms in the Club Hut.

WMB membership form can be obtained from the Club Hut or by downloading it from the White Mark Bowmen Facebook or website.

If you have already renewed your memberships, “Thank-you!” You can safely ignore all of the rest of this e-mail.

If you have not renewed your membership of the EFAA and White Mark
Bowmen (WMB) and you intend to, there are two methods you can use for membership renewal.

Method 1:

a: Send the EFAA form and fee to the address on the EFAA form or pay your EFAA membership online. Once you have received your 2018 EFAA card please email or text me your number (AB 123 2018) so I can process your WMB membership card.
b: Send the White Mark Bowmen (WMB) form and fee to the address on the WMB

Method 2:

Send an EFAA form and a cheque for the EFAA, plus a WMB form and
separate cheques for the WMB fee, to the address on the WMB form.

If you wish to attend any shoot at the beginning of January I suggest you get your membership forms off to myself and the EFAA membership secretary by the beginning of November to avoid disappointment.
Manufacturing membership cards is a labour intensive activity. They are
printed in batches of 8 on an A4 card. Each individual card is cut and
trimmed to size by hand, and then laminated. We do this because you are
required to show it when shooting, so it must be robust enough to
withstand rain etc. For the arithmetically inclined, it takes a bit more
than an hour to do the first 8 in a batch, and then about 30-40 minutes
to make each subsequent 8. We currently have about 270 members.

New cards will be despatched as soon as possible.

Ian Brown
Membership Secretary
White Mark Bowmen.